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Mr. Gaurav Malhotra is the Managing Director of Medicover a leading European healthcare group. He has twenty three years of rich experience in healthcare domain, in leading business and change management across MNCs, start-ups, joint ventures and re-engineering organisations. He has won prestigious "Healthcare CEO of the year" award by Economic Times (ET NOW).

Ten Reasons Everybody Hates HR

Recently met some senior HR colleagues from Healthcare. The common sentiment that emerged was lack of respect they get despite putting in incredible efforts. They act as a “catalyst” to unleash the human potential in our organizations and they are one of the most critical department for future success of the companies but still they […]

Why are Single Speciality Hospitals Prospering?

Says Mr Gaurav Malhotra, Medicover Fertility MD – A Single Speciality IVF Chain of Clinics. The global health care sector is undergoing some major shifts. As suppliers, payers and investors across the globe are attempting to deliver effective, economical and equitable care, it’s leading to a system that’s opening new operative models. Private equity and […]

Why is Innovative Leadership needed in Healthcare?

Healthcare has been a slightly confusing industry and it has made tremendous clinical advances with rapid advancements of treatments, medications and diagnostics. These advancements require significant time to time investments and risk-taking capability by the companies and the clinicians. But from a management viewpoint, healthcare has been symbolised by risk-averse practices focused on avoiding errors […]